Experts Share Tips for Becoming an Environmentally Friendly Business

As the community and customers become more environmentally aware and educated, a business’ reputation may be affected by the environmental policies and procedures it has in place.

Waste Sense says the key benefits of being an environmentally responsible business include being more effective at meeting the needs and expectations of customers, developing a positive reputation, attracting a higher calibre of staff and business partners and having a competitive advantage over competitors.

To ensure business practices are environmentally friendly, Waste Sense recommends setting up an environmental management system within the business. There are also a number of small business sustainability advisory services available in each state and territory that provide free consultations about industry-specific energy, water and waste usage opportunities.

Some ways businesses can become more environmentally friendly include using products that reduce reliance on natural resources such as solar hot water systems as well as using products that are made from recycled materials and increasing the amount of waste it recycles.

Reviewing business values to ensure sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are reflected as well as asking employees, suppliers and networks for ideas or advice are other recommendations given by Waste Sense. Additionally, Waste Sense advises businesses to conduct an environmental impact audit to assess activities that can be done differently.

Waste Sense explains that an environmental impact audit can be used to help a business identify environmentally damaging practices and implement changes. The key areas a business should analyse are the procurement of products, creation of products and how waste is dealt with.

As the leader in waste management Melbourne-wide, Waste Sense specialises in finding the most cost-effective and environmentally solutions for a business’ waste needs. To learn more, contact Waste Sense today.

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